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Business management

Smart Consulting has in mind that business management is a fundamental part of the final result. Therefore, invests its efforts on taking hard decisions on mundane actions, always based on its long-lived experience and on the knowledge acquired with several clients serviced. Among our actions, here are some exemples:

Partnership Solutions

Our experience shows that frequently a corporate success does not materializes due to its partnership structure: disconnected partners with different visions and interests can harm the project and/or make the daily routine of a company very complex. Smart Consulting deals with this issue with huge care and offers continuity solutions that fulfill all involved interests, but mainly, immunize the company and allow the interest of potential new partners and/or investors.

Compliance with market policies

On corporate routine we frequently find companies that offer a good product/service/technological solution, but, for some reason, does not stand out. Many times, that occurs due to a wrongful read of the market or the inability to adapt to the existing rules. Our job is to eliminate and/or mitigate any existing friction in order to allow the company obtaining competitiveness therefore rising to its rightful place on its own market.

Capital Structure Diagnosis

The way a company finance itself is of major importance to its success. Not only the capital cost matters, but also its provenance, warranties, terms and others characteristics that can make the difference on the company competitiveness. Smart Consulting analyses these and other subjects and diagnoses if the capital structure is suitable and, if not, opine about how to suit it to the reigning business model.

Identification, selection and coordination of teams for projects execution

A Project is a winner when is well executed. Many times the idea is good, practicable, however, not well applied. That may happen for a variety of factors, among which we quote: lack of leadership, difficulty on transmitting the idea and the expectations; low or none capital to put it in practice; inability of the professional that would put it to work. Our job is to identify and coordinate the professionals that will eventually put the idea in practice, identifying him with de skills and competences necessary to the challenge ahead, interfacing the author of the idea and its executor, acting as a leader of the professionals that will actually execute the idea. We also work in order to approximate the participants expectations and to find financing solutions to the project to be endeavored.


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