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Corporate Finance

The services myriad offered by Smart Consulting is not limited by the classic and well-known finance and administrative management, but goes beyond and focus on the client’s whole needs. Whit the objective of providing the manager an efficient control of his company, Smart Consulting offers the best package of ideas and strategies to elevate the company to a superior level. Among this services are:

Elaboration and implementation of budget and cash-flow systems

Customization of the classic tools for financial control and accompaniment of a company to the current business needs and culture, gunning to avoid burocratic procedures little related to the abilities of the user and to the manager needs. At the same time, we see those tools not only as an object to control, but also a way to aid on the strategic targeting and to improve the learning curve - by its users- of the financial and economic question, present and future.

Projects elaboration for financial institutions presentation

This is a job of immense importance hence that the obtainment of capital is currently complex. Once upon a time this was made directly with the bank account manager. Nowadays, moreover this option that is simpler, there are several other alternatives (more suitable by the way) to obtain money in the market. On the other hand, for effectiveness is imperative to be prepared and, moreover, show yourself prepared. Our job is to elaborate a project in a clear, objective and functional way directed to who it should concern (banks, funds, multilateral organizations, etc…) Our experience shows that the chances of success on funds obtaining are largely potencialized.

Economic-financial viability analysis

Companies will always have new projects to perform. This is the essence of entrepreneurship. As soon as a project is put in practice, the entrepreneur is already thinking about new opportunities and projects. However, many times projects can be good in theses, on idea, but are proven unviable when exposed to conjunctural and market realities. Therefore, whenever a new project is being brought up, is majorly important to analyze its viability considering the actual premises. Our job is to offer an impartial view for the projects, presenting the pros and cons and considering the cost x benefits.

Project elaboration for financing through the BNDES, BID and IFC system

Because they are funding associations, the resources solicitation has, mandatorily, to be made on a specific way and present feedbacks, not only monetary, but also social. Our team has specialty on projects of that matter which surely shorten the term of preparation.

Funding Identification and alternatives

This is a job that really makes us proud. We know that many times the businessman faces the hostility of banks for fund-raising in order to sustain and improve his company. Our job is, through an extensive network and credibility; forward the solicitation to the correct personnel. Our experience shows that it’s no use to ask for short term resources for projects which maturation is in long term, neither search for funds that invest on retail for an infrastructure project. Our actions are in order to understand the nature and characteristic of each project to forward the fund request for the loaner that best fits that need/characteristic. The result, often, is a much faster process and a more satisfied client.

Projects Elaboration for fundings

Our job will be, not only understand the necessity of funding for your company, but suggest the right format when needed as well. That way – participating on the construction of the business demand – will allow us to elaborate an adequate fund raising project that is, therefore, more efficient.



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